Message from President:

I’m humbled, excited and honored to have the opportunity to lead Black United Fund of Texas (BUFTX) at this point in time. We are a 501(c)(3) and an affiliate of National  Black United Fund, has provided services through funding, agency expansion, workshops and program development, community enhancement, partnerships and network support.
I look forward to continue building off of our rich history of developing and providing funding to programs and agencies that help people improve their lives. Our goal and mission is still the same to be the “Helping Hand That Is Your Own” and help provide gateways to self-sufficiency, the only thing that we’re changing is the way that we let you know about our work (follow us on Facebook and Instagram @buftx on Twitter @buftexas), and the ways you can support the work we’re doing (Donate or check out Store). Thank you for your time and it’s my hope that you’ll support Black United Fund of Texas and our partners and programs either through donating time or money to help us make a difference in our communities.

About Us


Thank you for visiting the Black United Fund of Texas (BUFTX). BUFTX is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 1987, since then our mission has been to help individuals and organizations become self-sufficient. We do this by working with people and communities at the grassroots level, finding out what they need and help connect them to the resources they need to enrich their lives.


Current Work

Right now the major effort we are working on is the relief efforts taking place in South East Texas due to the unprecedented flooding from Harvey. We are helping relief efforts in several ways; we’re partnering with various community organizations and shelters getting donations to them,and we’re also working with elected officials across the region to see what are the needs in their communities. Many of our efforts have focused on low income parts of Houston (Independence Heights, Homestead, Greenspoint, East Side, Fifth Ward), now that waters are receding in Houston, our focus is on the cities of Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange. We are partnering with God’s Child/Katrina’s Kids from New Orleans, LA to collect water, baby supplies, and clothes to the citizens in those cities, as well as grassroots organizations in Houston (Creative Group Economics and Hope 4 Houston), who BEAT other larger aid organizations in getting to Beaumont and Port Arthur.

We know you can give time, and resources to tons of other organizations, we thank you for considering Black United Fund of Texas, with BUFTX your dollars, make it to the people and causes who are often times after thoughts, or few see value in.