With out Partners, BUFTX wouldn’t have been around for 30 years, we help our partners do the work to change their communities. Our partners consist of programs that we’ve developed with other groups as well as other 501(c)(3) organizations that we work with. Below are some of the areas we’ve focused on and programs that addressed those issues.

Community Education Programs; Fatherhood, Caregiver, Mental Illness, Health & Wellness, Substance Abuse

Youth Development;

Wee Learn, Wee Deliver: Program developed in partnership with United States Postal Service to teach youth careers, as well as focusing on literacy. Through this program youth would run a school post office.

MISTER- Men In Schools Teaching Excellence and Readiness- Program developed in Spring 2017 to help youth at Nat Q Henderson Elementary School. Provides non-formal mentorship to students and assists school with various programs.

Diploma to Dollars: Program developed for City of Houston’s My Brother’s Keeper Program. Focuses on graduating seniors and young men who are looking for a second chance and prepares them for careers by providing work force preparation in welding, construction and solar panel installation.

Emergency Crisis; relief and social justice,

Philanthropic and Land Retention; to insure community definition and resources

Homeless and Veterans Programs; for life changing experiences